About us

Anton Singariev

Bubble Mania CEO

Our mission:

We truly believe that there is something more than simple tea, so we offer You to see it Yourself! For this reason we open BUBBLE MANIA branches all over Russia, so everyone can have a Bubble Tea.

This story began in Berlin in 2011. That time I, Anton Singariev, worked as a sportswear salesman. Warm summer days I spent on our balcony. From there I spotted this endless line for the first time. Since then I watched everyday as people wait in line for half an hour, and asked myself always the same question - what they're waiting for? Two weeks later my curiosity moved me to visit that cafe after my working day.

I remember clearly that moment when I stepped into the cafe. I was welcomed in an unknown language, it was strange. I went to the bar and asked a nice asian young woman what do all these people waiting for. Not answering to my question she pointed at two cups, a big and a small one. I chose the bigger one..

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Шикарное заведение. Я вас обожаю! Приютили, обогрели, напоили вкусным Баббл Чаем! @bubblemaniaru влюбилась, обязательно вернусь снова :*

/ Mitina Vera /

Посетили Bubble Mania! Очень радужная и уютная атмосфера :) Больше всего понравились топпинги (лопающиеся шарики с фруктовым соком внутри. Рекомендую @bubblemaniaru!

/ Alisa Shpokaite /

Самые вкусные безалкогольные коктейли только в Bubble Mania, на любой вкус! Ассортимент @bubblemaniaru превосходит все ожидания.

/ Valentina /

Встала не с той ноги, день не задался.. Поднимаем настроение в Bubble Mania! Спасибо, что вы есть @bubblemaniaru.

/ Luchia Yunusova /

Bubble Mania Teahouses:

  • Bubble Mania [Saint-Petersburg]
  • Bubble Mania [Kazan]
  • Bubble Mania [Irkutsk]