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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea, also known as «Pearl Milk Tea», «Popping Boba Tea», «Boba Tea» — drink based on black Assam tea or green tea with jasmine with fruit syrups, cream, milk, exotic plants extract and different fruit toppings. Ingredients are mixed and whipped manually or in shaker. The name «Bubble Tea» came from bubbles of popping boba which are used as a topping. Toppings are made their way to the mouth through XXL straw, and that is uniqueness of the drink.

How many drinks can I create?

With BUBBLE MANIA menu even gourmet can create exclusive drink of his taste as there are nearly 1500 different combinations of ingredients. There are four different Bubble Tea: Fruit Bubble Tea, Milk Bubble Tea, Bubble Frappe and Bubble Yogurt. Experiment and discover new tastes!

Where did Bubble Tea appear?

Bubble Tea was created in Taiwan Isand in the mid-80s. At first, it was just a tea cocktail mixed with fruit syrup. Later they bagan to add tapioca bubbles. Cocktails became popular due to Japanese TV news. In the 90s drink came to California, and then conquered all America! From 2010 Bubble Tea appeared in Europe where it is even included to McDonald's menu. The drink is very popular in Taiwan, China, USA, Australia, Europe, especially in Britain and Germany.

What is topping?

Toppings are the uniqeness of Bubble Tea that makes this cocktail so exclusive. Popping boba, jelly and tapioca can be toppings. While drinking Bubble Tea toppings reach the mouth through XXL straw making it so delicious. Drink and eat at the same time!

What is caloric value of Bubble Tea?

To know caloric value of Bubble Tea see calorie chart.

Where in Russia can we find Bubble Mania?

BUBBLE MANIA has branches in 8 Russian cities: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk and Blagoveschensk. To see exact location please see the map. If you want to open BUBBLE MANIA in your city, find out about franchise.

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