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BUBBLEMANIA® boom began in Russian Federation few years ago and continuing its victorious march, attracting more and more attention to these unique cocktails. Successfully started in Russian Federation that wave of interest rapidly moved to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and another neighbors of Russian Federation.

Some people have already appreciated rich taste of bubble tea and stylish, memorable design of BUBBLEMANIA® cafes. However bubble tea business just beginning to form in this countries. Don’t miss your chance! Catch this wave of success and open first tea station in your city.

Drink that conquered the world

The invention of bubble tea shrouded in legends

By widespread view, this drink was invented in the 80's in Taiwan. During mixing some drinks, one local family mixed black tea and tapioca (delicious small balls made of cassava roots). The experiment was very successful. Soon many citizens of Taiwan liked this recipe and it continued to extend more widely all over Asia.

Only in few years bubble tea became a cult drink in Australia and USA, with thousands fans of all over the world. Finally, after 20 years the first tea station in Berlin introduced this drink to Europeans. And in 2012 the first BUBBLEMANIA® was opened in Saint-Petersburg.

BUBBLEMANIA® documents

Receive a package of documents and read the project materials.

Why choose BUBBLEMANIA® franchise

Recognizable brand

Branded production, corporate style of cafes decoration, colorful sign, recognizable logo and the main thing- delicious cocktails you want to try again and again. Your future customers are already know and interested about BUBBLEMANIA®, so these options give a guarantee of success. We are trying fully meet expectations of our customers.

Quick startup

In the presence of suitable premises you could open your tea station BUBBLEMANIA® just in one month! Impressive, right?

Small budget

Are you young and want to conquer the world? Start with franchise BUBBLEMANIA®. We are offering you perfect opportunity to start your own business without large investments. Make money with us!

Training "from scratch"

To work with BUBBLEMANIA® you don’t need initial knowledge. We will manage retreat face-to-face training “from scratch” along with recommendations across all bubble tea business areas.

Over 1500 kinds of cocktails

Bubble tea is popular in all seasons because it gives way of cool off in hot summer heat and worm up in cold winter. Furthermore, with huge choice of flavors in BUBBLEMANIA® your clients could try more than 1500 kinds of drink.

More than 3 years experience

BUBBLEMANIA® is one of the first companies who have built bubble tea business in Russian Federation. We provide simple and effective solutions which really works.

Product quality

BUBBLEMANIA® is one of the leaders on bubble tea market. Your clients will come back to you if they will know that they could get quality drink.

Keep up with the times

We keep an eye on things and following the innovations on bubble tea market. All new and interesting ideas are testing and successfully put into practice in our tea stations.

Ready-made designs

For our future partners BUBBLEMANIA® provide standard design samples of ready-made solutions and also personal layout of working area

Open a unique cafe!

BUBBLEMANIA® franchise is not only following rules and standards, you also actively participates in process of developing and improving your business with us and strengthening our common brand. Our partners have opportunities for creative work and interesting ideas to their own tea station and forming additional assortment.

What I will get by purchasing franchise BUBBLEMANIA®?


Own business under one of the most recognizable brand in the world


Structured standards (ready-made solutions) covering all aspects of activity


Full-time access to closed section on website offering methodical, promotional and other documents


Free consultations by your personal manager


Official BUBBLEMANIA® products on the lower cost than the market average


One of the widest assortment of bubble tea ingredients in the world


Company’s standards and full training on management of this business


Direct delivery of fresh official products: ingredients, equipment


Products quality guaranteed by state certificates


Be a member of loyalty program “MY BUBBLEMANIA” by BUBBLEMANIA® and partners


Posting information on official website / and social networks


Original technological cards for professional preparation on BUBBLEMANIA cocktails


10-days training course of mixing Bubble Tea cocktails at your tea station, connecting and set-up the equipment, help from our specialist on the opening day


5 steps to open BUBBLEMANIA®
in your city

See the materials

Download and carefully read:
1. BUBBLEMANIA® Presentation
2. FAQ about franchising


Send your application

Fill in the statement of purpose to open tea station BUBBLEMANIA® with licensors’ system of work and send it to


Sign the contract

Get recommendations for choosing place for your BUBBLEMANIA® tea station, sign the contract of licensor and pay the lamp fee.


Get training

Get skilled training of business management. Tea station manager and staff are trained.



We congratulate you in the opening of BUBBLEMANIA®! New company enshrines by supervising manager carrying future support with all questions.


Cafe formats


Island in Mall


Only 10 square meters area- nothing superfluous

Minimum investments to open a business

Short time to open

Minimum staff costs

Not high rent price

Fast payback

High capacity

Lower seasonality factor

Participation in shopping center promotions


May be additional costs for supplying water

Small storage room

Need extra approval of assortment and different promotions with lessor

People associate you not as a single cafe but as a part of the shopping center

Work schedule of tea station depends on shopping center schedule


Single cafe, entrance from street


Unique atmosphere, personal design

Enables to service more costumers

Large storage room

Tea station will be attended purposefully

Big opportunity for self-realization

Possibility to hold events

High recognition of your tea station

Extra approval of assortment and different promotions with lessor not needed

Well suited for introduction extra assortment

Possibility to make cafe work schedule


High investments to open cafe

High staff costs

High costs for utility services

Additional costs for garbage removal

Additional costs for goods

Costs to harmonize the signboard

Higher payback period


What is the key to victory?

90% of the success of your business depends on the selection and design of your tea station. BUBBLEMANIA® provides its partners a typical design project in the popular eco-style.

Interview with BUBBLEMANIA® franchisee

BUBBLEMANIA® Kazan | Alexandr and Xenia Zapuskalovi
BUBBLEMANIA® Irkutsk | Denis Klinov
BUBBLEMANIA® Arkhangelsk | Dmitry Zalyazhnyh

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