International Teahouse chain Bubble Mania - one of the most popular Bubble Tea brands

on the market offering the legendary drink from Taiwan by original recipe.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is an unique tea cocktail from Asia. A legend tells that Bubble Tea was created in Taiwan by Master Chang who offered his customers a drink with tapioca..

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Bubble Mania is a life-style!

Don't lose Yourself in all the vanity of life – add some cheerful colors by visiting our cozy cafe where You can relax and drink Your favorite Bubble Tea!

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Drink that conquered the world

Bubble Tea firstly appeared in Taiwan in the 80s. As the legend tells, unknown Taiwanese family made an experiment by mixing black tea and tapioca – starch flour made from manioc roots..

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Bubble Mania Club launch

Bubble Mania Club (BMC) launch Soon we are going to launch a new project, taking a part in which you will be able to enjoy unique offers (only for Bubble Mania Club members), attend special events and receive valuable prizes!


Шикарное заведение. Я вас обожаю! Приютили, обогрели, напоили вкусным Баббл Чаем! @bubblemaniaru влюбилась, обязательно вернусь снова :*

/ Mitina Vera /

Посетили Bubble Mania! Очень радужная и уютная атмосфера :) Больше всего понравились топпинги (лопающиеся шарики с фруктовым соком внутри. Рекомендую @bubblemaniaru!

/ Alisa Shpokaite /

Самые вкусные безалкогольные коктейли только в Bubble Mania, на любой вкус! Ассортимент @bubblemaniaru превосходит все ожидания.

/ Valentina /

Встала не с той ноги, день не задался.. Поднимаем настроение в Bubble Mania! Спасибо, что вы есть @bubblemaniaru.

/ Luchiya Yunusova /

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